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If you’re the sort of person who loves just getting up on your bike and touring around, then the idea of wild camping can be a very alluring one.

Camping out is great if you wish to travel on a budget and is particularly suitable in warmer countries or those with vast areas of open space. Camping may seem expensive when you’re purchasing the equipment, but to be honest it’s a lot cheaper than a few nights in a hotel.

For those of us who have never wild camped before then the idea may seem a little foreign, however camping outside of formal accommodation is actually quite easy. Even though you may worry about police or wild animals, if you’re savvy then these shouldn’t be an issue. So, even if those fears tend to freak you out a little they will be alleviated with the experience and a couple of wild camping trips.

Wild Camping

Experienced wild campers will tell you that you’ll be unlikely to be bothered by anyone once you respect the basic guidelines. In fact, the worst you’ll ever experience is a local person curiously seeing what you’re doing and in most cases they’ll offer you a cup of tea. In short, once you’re responsible you should have no problems and be comfortably sleeping in your sleeping bag.

So, let’s take a look at some basic guidelines for your next great adventure that will ensure you are unlikely to find issue.

  • Get away from houses, and roads and you’ll be out of sight of passers-by and have little to worry about when it comes to interaction. Look at maps for areas that are marked as woodland and that offer good camping space. Small hills are a good place to camp behind too as they hide you from a lot of the issues.
  • Try not to trespass and look for areas that you can camp in without having to climb fences or jump on land that’s marked as private. If the owner has placed a sign up then you’re not going to be welcome
  • Dry riverbeds or beaches – Be aware of these areas as they can often become wet overnight and this will result in you becoming flooded. Even rain can cause such problems if it falls miles away. So, don’t camp near the ends of streams, rivers or anywhere that water could end up causing problems. High ground is generally dry ground.
  • If you’re cooking in an area with wild animals then it’s especially wise to cook around 200m away from your living area. This will prevent bears, wolves or any other animal visiting you during the night.
  • A good quality sleeping bag is essential for any adventure Rab sleeping bags offer the latest in comfort, offering comfort and also breathability. These sleeping bags aren’t even that much more expensive than traditional bags, though Rab bags are notably more comfortable and perfect for camping wild. Webtogs provide a great selection of these bags.
  • Avoid starting fires or anything else that may attract attention at night as this can cause curiosity in animals and mean they visit you.
  • Always tidy up after yourself. As they say leave only memories.

These tips will help you enjoy your wild camping and will ensure that you are comfortable, happy and have nothing but a great time.

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