How to Care for your Motorhome Battery


Did you know that a large number of the batteries used for RVs tend to die before they should and the reason for this – under or over charging.

Undercharging is the result of people using batteries until almost dead and then not charging them fully. This results in a sulphate becoming attached to the plates and this causes crystals which cause problems for the battery. Ironically, if a battery is charged for too long this also happens.


Overcharging of batteries results in severe water loss and this causes corrosion to the battery. This happens most especially to motorhome or RV batteries. People make the common mistake of leaving the battery charging when the RV isn’t being used. It’s thought that this will keep the batteries at a tip top level, however the problem is that though most batteries are 12v, they charge at a 13.5v rate and this means that they overcharge batteries. This will cause an early death to batteries. So, we’ve compiled a number of tips to keep your motorhome’s battery in top shape for longer.

Find the Level

From the above information, we realise that it’s best to keep batteries almost charged by just not at the top of their game. The best way to do this and prevent sulfutation is to use a 12.4v charger and a maintainer and conditioner. This keeps the battery almost charged at all times, within safe paradigms.


It’s better to ensure the discharge from a battery is lower than higher. For example if a battery loses 50% of its power each day before being charged to full, it’s a lot better than if it loses 80% of its power before being charged back up to the top of its range. AlphaBatteries would also advise you to take note and never let a battery fall below 10.5v charge.

The motorhome itself will discharge the battery if it’s left with it over time. This can be caused by a number of different variables including TV antenna, clocks, stereos and a number of appliances. If you’re not intending on using an RV for a period it’s best to disconnect the switch and turn it to the off position. Do be aware that it’s far from unusual for a battery to discharge around 10% a month.


As well as overcharging, warm temperatures will also cause a battery life to diminish and you should always try to keep a battery in cool and dry areas. This will help keep the charge up.

Proper Charging

It’s possible to charge a battery to 90% in a short space of time, however to get the last 10% of charge you will need to place the battery on an absorption charge and then on a float charge to keep it topped up. This will get the battery back to full power without causing problems.
Motorhome batteries can take a battering and people often overlook them as they are used intermittently. However, with these tips you can be sure your battery is at the top level and that there are no problems.

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