Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Motorhome in Northern Ireland


If you don’t already own a motorhome, hiring is an ideal way to get to know the motorhome lifestyle. You can tour the picturesque Northern Ireland countryside in total comfort and at your own pace. You can stop at breathtaking panoramic vantage points for a relaxing picnic or to take a stroll and some photographs. You can  discover and explore places of natural beauty in Northern Ireland, the republic of Ireland or further afield at your leisure. You can park up for the night overlooking the coast or nestled in the hills and mountains. When travelling you can stop for a tea/coffee or even a toilet break at your own convenience. You can enjoy the freedom of camping without all the hassles that come with it!

Here are some more reasons why motorhome rental is the way to go:

1. Freedom
Get up and go when and where you want. Use your motorhome rental to see some of the more remote areas of Ireland or stop over at any of the recommended or approved sites around the country. Park up with a fantastic view of the mountains and enjoy a few days of peace and quiet… Utopia!

2. Convenience
A motorhome can be parked up and lived in almost anywhere. You can drive your luxury holiday home to a fantastic beach or to the top of a mountain range and then park up and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You don’t have to find and book hotels before you go. You don’t have to come up with a schedule for when you need to arrive and depart a particular stopover. You are free to leave if you change your mind whenever you want.

3. Comfort
Motorhomes are spacious and have all the facilities that a family needs so there is no need to worry about how your children are going to cope with a long flight, or whether you can fit four or five people into one hotel room. These modern day recreational vehicles usually come equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, sofas, an LCD Television, a double bed and much more. Some motorhomes have storage for bicycles, jet skis and surf boards. Motorhomes usually cater for 2 – 6 people and provide you with the warmth and comfort of home. After enjoying the countryside on a long walk or cycle, there is nothing better than returning to your motorhome for a hot shower and then a mug of hot tea/coffee and a movie.

4. Specific Events
Why not take your motorhome rental to music festivals, concerts, car races and sporting events? There are usually lots of motorhomes at these events as they are much more convenient than the local accommodation. Hotels and B&Bs may be located many miles from the actual event and often have inflated prices especially for the occasion. Worse still, they may be booked to capacity due to the unusually large numbers of visitors in the area. Why not have the luxury of home and park your motorhome rental “on site” at the event. There is no need to queue for the toilets at a music festival when you have your motorhome with you.

5. Visiting distant family and relatives
If you want to visit family or friends who live a little further away, why not travel in style and stay close by or even on your distant family’s driveway. If they don’t have a spare bedroom or if you don’t want to invade their personal space too much then a motorhome rental is the perfect solution. You can even take them out on a relaxing day trip.

6. An Extra Bedroom
If you don’t have a spare or guest bedroom in your home but still would like friends and family to come and stay over occasionally, then a motorhome is the perfect solution. Motorhome rental costs much less in the low season which means you can provide self-contained accommodation with one or more extra bedrooms at little cost.

7. Choice of Home Cooking or Eating Out
With a motorhome you can decide when and where you want to eat each meal. Use the on-board fully equipped kitchen with oven and hob to prepare a meal for your family. If there is a requirement for a special diet, cooking in the motorhome makes it easy. Alternatively, you can enjoy a take-away in front of the TV or visit a top hotel for special treat.

8. Cost
Motorhomes are expensive to buy and even if you can afford to own one, it is difficult to justify the cost of ownership unless you get good use of it throughout the year. Many Motorhome owners find that they do not have as much time to spend in their motorhome as they would like to. Motorhome rental allows you to “Pay As You Go” without having to worry about annual storage, maintenance, higher purchase, tax and insurance bills. Why spend thousands of pounds on a motorhome or caravan only to have it sit on your driveway except for the occasional weekend away? Hire a motorhome for as long as you need it without all the hassle.

9. Try before you buy
If you are thinking of buying a motorhome but have never tried the experience, motorhome rental can give you the peace of mind to know that you are making the correct decision.

10. A New Experience
If you have never tried it before, you should rent a motorhome so you can see what you are missing and start living. Take your family on a different holiday and enjoy what Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland has to offer in abundance… beautiful scenery.

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