Which Motorhome To Choose

Which Motorhome To Choose For Your Next RVing Adventure!

Some of us like camping, some of us like the luxury of a hotel and some of us love the freedom of the open road with the added comfort of both.

Yes, hiring an RV! This is becoming today’s alternative to traditional travel.


Picture this. Instead of planning your next package holiday through a tour operator, you grab a map and plan where in the world you want to travel.

With an American RV, you can just that. Set your starting point at the pick-up location, and then plan your journey, stop-offs and campsites along the way. Whether you choose to visit Northern Europe or Southern Europe, or beyond, in an American Motorhome the world is at your feet!

I speak from experience of course, having just returned from a month long visiting various campsites throughout France.

Our Plans

Our starting location was Northamptonshire in the UK before setting a steady cruising speed across Kent, then onto Dover to Calais.

Five hours later, having followed the broad, empty French auto routes to our final destination we ended up in a beautiful setting and place to relax, much welcomed after such a long drive from our starting point.

Of course, we had some mandatory thing to do. We had to refill our water tank, level the RV on the jacks, and hook up the electricity. Only then could we relax with an ice-cold beer!

The RV was to be our house on wheels and sole means of transport as the four of us – two adults, two children aged eight and three – travelled around France over the next four weeks. The motorhome’s maker, Fleetwood provided everything we would need, from a fully fitted living, to en-suite bedrooms. It was like a hotel on wheels, and we could not have asked for anything more.

The following weeks saw us visit over 10 other campsites, each one having their own unique look and feel. It certainly was an experience and one which we will be living again at the same time next year although we will be choosing another RV to experience what other brands have to offer.

If you are considering holidaying in an RV then I would certainly recommend Winnebago Hire & Rental as the company to use. They have a network of suppliers to find the very best deals for your money, they are quick, helpful, and there is no pressure to hire. Give them a call or drop them an email, you won’t regret it!

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